Influence of Virtual reality on the Shoe industry

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We live in an era where everybody knows what VR is, but to sum it up it is an experience in which a person can interact within the artificial 3-D environment using VR goggles, gloves with sensors, and even phones. However, as our generation is getting more tech-savvy, it is easier for the developers to create a different world, where millennial are more attracted towards technology than reality.

The current innovations, ideas, and creativity are constantly emerging, leading to a new stream of designs for all seasons. Many luxury fashion brands have started giving the virtual experience to their customers by using VR mirrors where you can see how you’ll look wearing that outfit.

However, now VR is changing the world into wearing virtual shoes in reality. Ever wished of how a particular pair of shoes you saw Kanye wearing might look on you? If yes, then you have got your wish granted. There are only a handful of platforms that allows you to try out shoes virtually.

But how does it work? Users can scan the shape of their feet and determine the best fit with different styles of footwear using Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Brands like Gucci, Adidas, Dior, and Nike have started providing experience to users by giving a 360-degree view of footwear, allowing them to change the color, texture, and background of the screen.

All you have to do is simply download and open the app, point it towards your feet, and Voila! You can see your new favorite pair of shoes at your feet. These platforms allow you to access a much larger variety of shoes than any brick-and-mortar store can offer since you can shop online and buy from any store in the world. You can try multiple shoes and buy them at your comfort. This also saves time for the store staff where he ends up going back and forth between the store and stock room.

Customers are given the opportunity to match their shoes with any outfit in their wardrobe, which they would not be able to do at the store. They aren’t the perfect fit or size, but they give buyers an idea of how the style will look. This feature has also helped manage customer experience by reducing returns.

In today’s modern world, where consumers are increasingly inclined to do everything online, these platforms play a critical part in developing customer loyalty. More customer experiences are being added to bridge the gap between online and offline stores.

Some customers prefer to try on their shoes in-store to ensure that they are comfortable and of good quality before making a purchase. While others are persuaded by this technology to give it a go via virtual reality.

Will you buy a new pair of sneakers using Virtual Reality or will you stick to traditional methods?

So, what’s your take on it?


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